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a different APPROACH to the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory and age-related diseases




Oxitope’s goal is to enable people to live long and healthy lives by preventing, halting or reversing acute and chronic diseases driven by inflammation. Today, despite available treatments, these diseases result only in progressive disability and death.

Inflammation is a protective (adaptive) response to noxious stimuli, chiefly infection or injury, intended for acute activation to restore an individual to a normal functional state. Inflammation is a high-benefit, potentially life-saving response, however, it comes at high-cost due to its ability to override normal function and cause tissue damage or even death.

When inflammation is excessive or becomes chronically activated it becomes harmful (maladaptive). 

Damage from oxidative stress is capable of sterile (in the absence of infection) activation of inflammation.  It has become widely-recognized that this maladaptive sterile inflammation is a key driver of unhealthy aging and today’s primary sources of morbidity and mortality: cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, metabolic disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, fatty liver disease, and neurodegeneration. 

To change this, Oxitope is focused on developing diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that intervene at the intersection of accumulated damage from oxidative stress and immune system activation in order to address the highly prevalent, debilitating and often fatal inflammatory diseases people suffer from today.



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